Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Food Bloggers Unplugged

Thank you Susan from A little bit of Heaven on a plate for starting this cool idea and for Kate at TurquoiseLemons for tagging me!

The idea is to pass it on or to tag 5 other food bloggers and answer 10 questions about yourself in the process.  So here goes...

1. What/Who inspired you to start a blog?
I've always been a huge foodie, loved eating out and cooking at home. Having run a cocktail bar for 3 years and then having kids I embarked on WeightWatchers to shift baby / general weight. I realised that 'diet' food was generally very unappetising and forget about filling a hole! So I learnt new ways of cooking using minimum fat, lean meats, plenty of vegetables so that every meal I ate was healthy, filling & tasty. Friends were interested in my recipes so I thought I would share it with the wider world and started my blog

2. Who is our foodie inspiration?
I take great inspiration from most of the TV chefs. Always been a Nigella fan but loving Lorraine Pascale. I often try and re-create their dishes with a healthy makeover. My mum has also taught me loads. I also love Ching He Haung as her cooking is really scrummy and naturally quite healthy.

3. Your greasiest, batter splattered food/drink book is?
Nigella's Feast is well used. I've made her birthday custard sponge every year for my childrens birthdays, usually carved & iced to resemble some monstrosity. The latest was my 5yo superhero cake.

4. Tell us about the best thing you have ever eaten in another country, where was it, what was it?
10 years ago, my husband and I went on holiday to Mykonos (pre-kids obviously!) A friend's father lived there and she arranged for him to take us out. We experienced the best meal ever! We chose our own lobsters from a pool, ate fresh sea urchins with lemon and olive oil (he'd called the fisherman up the day before and asked him to catch us some) and feasted on a platter of the freshest fish I've ever had.

5. Another food bloggers table you would like to eat at is?
Hmmm I am fairly new to this blogging and just getting to know these fellow food bloggers. I was amazed by some of the wonderful treats I saw recently at Lets Make Christmas and it was all organised by the wonderful Vanessa Kimbell. Reckon there's alot I could learn from her so lunch or dinner would be fab Vanessa?!

6. What is the one kitchen gadget you would ask Santa for this year (money no object of course)?
I would LOVE a kitchen aid. In red please to match the other titbits in my kitchen. Thanks Santa. Promise to be a good girl.

7. Who taught you how to cook?
I learnt alot by myself. Once I'd established myself I think I then went to my mum for inspiration. It's only now in my mid-30's I feel a duty to learn her repertoire and pass it down through my family. Many of her recipes are on my blog.

8. I’m coming to you for dinner. What’s your signature dish?
Oh lordy! This is a hard one! A starter of scallops with black pudding on a rocket salad. A main of slow cooked lamb shoulder flavoured with garlic, anchovies & rosemary with roast potatoes and green beans. For pud maybe a chocolate fondant or a sticky toffee pudding.

9. What is your guilty food pleasure?
Cheese or any kind. Soft, strong, hard, smelly, so long as its cheese accompanied with a large glass of red wine!

10. Reveal something about yourself that others would be surprised to learn?I did a dance & drama degree at The University of Birmingham a few (ahem) years back.

Now to pass on the challenge to 5 other food bloggers...#foodbloggersunplugged

@CornerCottageB - Hannah Allman
@craftstorming - Laura Tichener
@Benjaminvear - Ben Vear
@katecakeandbake - Kate Harries
@BakingCindy - Food for thoughts


  1. Thanks ever so much for the tag. Really enjoyed reading your answers and discovering more about the blogger behind the blog! x

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